Back to the Future Diecast Delorean 1:24 (Metal)


A beautiful Back to the Future diecast Delorean inspired by the hit franchise – with FREE SHIPPING.

This spectacular 1:24 diecast model captures every detail of the time travelling car from the flux capacitor to the interior of the vehicle from all three movies.

It’s made of metal alloy with plastic detailing and the perfect size for display with its fully functioning trademark doors.

We take care to ship it in a thick thermacol package which is then encased in a waterproof cover to protect it while shipping to you.

We have models with distinct features from all three movies so if you looking for the perfect gift for a Back to the Future fan or yourself, this diecast Delorean will the bill.

Back to the Future Delorean Diecast Model This item: Back to the Future Diecast Delorean 1:24 (Metal)
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